Friday, June 24, 2011 that's a great treat!

One of my favorite experiences in life is bumping into students of mine outside of school. It doesn't matter if it's a former student or a currrent student, I enjoy seeing them nonetheless. It's even more enjoyable when it occurs in the summertime at an unlikely place! And that's just what happened to me two nights ago.

I went with some friends to Trivia night at a local sport's bar. I enjoy trivia, but wouldn't consider myself to be the greatest at answering the questions. Let's just say, when I offer a suggestion, the rest of the group quickly asks around to see what everyone else thinks! For some reason though, I actually answered the first four questions correctly - a personal best I might add. As excited as I was about that, my evening became a bit sweeter when I saw four former students sit down at a table across the room.

Bumping into former students is always an opportunity. First of all, I pride myself on the fact that I am quite successful in remembering their names (read my earlier post about the power in remembering a name). So just the mere fact that I call them by their names always seems to make them feel special. Second, it allows me to do something for them even though I'm no longer technically their teacher. I thought about paying for their meals, but then realized that might be a little too much. I quickly came to the conclusion that a dessert might be the way to go. And though the prices weren't too cheap for those either, I decided it was worth it. I saw it as an investment.

I called my waitress over, and told her what I wanted to do. When my students heard of my offer, they came over to my table and said hello. We talked for a moment, and they tried to talk me out of the dessert, but I continued to insist. My persistance paid off, and they agreed to split a dessert. Success!

It felt so good to see them and be able to take care of them, if even just in a simple way. I don't know who got the greater treat that night...them or me. For now, let's just say we were both impacted in a positive way. I look forward to my next encounter with a student! Who knows were it'll be!

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