Saturday, June 4, 2011

Great Timing

On the last day of school, when I finally finished packing up my things, I sat down at my desk to go through some emails. I was pleasantly surprised to see an email from one of my former students. She is now in high school. This is what she wrote:

I was reminiscing the other day about some of my favorite teachers I've ever had. I simply want to thank you for making a difference in my academic life. You care about your students more than any other teacher I have ever known, and having you twice was definitely great.
In seventh grade, doing YCMAD made me feel like a good person. That year I went into a rough part of Atlanta with some church friends and passed out food to the needy. I decided to do something charitable recently. My sister, dad, and I donated about twenty pieces of clothing each to the various states affected by tornados. Honestly, I wouldn't have thought about it if you hadn't assigned YCMAD two -going on three- years ago.
You, sir, have definitely made a difference. Thank you for being a fantastic teacher.

Have a good summer!

Wow! What an amazing email to receive at the end of the year! Her words were so powerful, and helped me realize that some of the kids really are inspired by what I say and do. I love my job!

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