Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Special Graduation Party Far From Home

In a few hours I will be celebrating a very special graduation far from my home. The graduate is one of my former students. I taught her in 5th grade and she is now graduating high school. She moved to Florida several years ago, but I've been fortunate enough to remain in touch with her and her family. It makes me proud to spend this day celebrating with her!

Unless you are a high school teacher, you rarely get to attend the high school graduations and graduation parties of your former students. And if you teach in the elementary grades it seems even more unlikely. And if your students move away, you can go ahead and mulitply that unlikeliness. But well before I started my first year of teaching, I quickly and boldly decided that I didn't want to be like every other teacher. This would require finding a way to remain in my students' lives forever. Yes...that's right...forever. For most, that is a tall order, but I gladly accept the challenge.

So on this day today, June 12th, 2011, I will be raising my glass to a young lady who once sat in my classroom many years ago, but will forever remain one of my students.

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